Everything Cheese

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Everything Cheese is what it’s name says: everything cheese …. and more! An epicurean oasis tucked away in Riverbend, Everything Cheese is every cheese lover’s dream. Proprietors Lydia Charalambakis and Tania Hrebicek opened their doors on October 29th, 2010, just a year after their initial decision to venture into the world of cheese. Friends since their University days in Toronto, …

Scheduled Classes Going Online Later This Week!

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This past Sunday I taught my fourth, and final, Get Cooking Pilot Class.  And I’m aching to get under way with Get Cooking’s first scheduled classes:  they’re launching in May! This is partly because the test classes were just so much fun.  But also because I absolutely love to cook.  And to share food with family and friends, around my …

Testimonial – Vegan Cooking Class

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  This class was excellent!  The courses were unique yet followed a consistent them. Conrad Andrelunas Fantastic class.  Very informative and enjoyable!  I look forward to using what I’ve learned in the kitchen. Dallas Thompson Get Cooking provided a relaxed and comfortable environment to learn about and enjoy quality food.  Highly recommended for all experience levels. Mike Brennan

Irvings Farm Fresh Berkshire Pork

Kathryn Joel Favourites

If I’m cooking with pork, I’m cooking with Irvings Farm Fresh!  The quality and range of pork cuts and products from Irvings Farm is without equal in our farmers’ markets and shops. Which is why it’s the pork of choice for so many chefs in town. A couple of weeks ago I drove out to Round Hill to meet Nicola …

Get Cooking’s First Class, and What I Learned!

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Get Cooking got started on Sunday afternoon with an Introductory Class on Italian cuisine.  It was a learning experience for my students …. and for me!   What was planned as a 3-hour class stretched into 4 as my class of 9 students lingered over a 4-course Italian feast.  Some of the students got cooking, while others sat back with a …

Garlic – Ingredient of the Week

Kathryn Joel Ingredient of the Week, Recipe

Garlic is the ultimate local yet global food: the perfect start for Get Cooking’s weekly ingredient blog. What other ingredient could possibly be used so widely, in so many cultures, and as a focal flavour for so many different cuisines? And yet be so easy to grow, no matter where you live? In colder climes like ours in Edmonton, garlic sells all winter …

Hemp Oil, Mighty Trio Organics

Kathryn Joel Favourites

Mighty Trio Organics produce their Cold-Pressed Organic Oils in Redwater, Alberta.  A family-run producer, they buy their seeds direct from farmers, and you can buy their oils direct from them!  Look for their booths at Old Strathcona, City and St. Albert Farmers’ Markets. Mighty Trio’s Hemp Oil is my personal favourite.  It looks and tastes “green”, a nutty, herbaceous, deeply …

Get Cooking Gets Going, Classes Starting this Week!

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What is Get Cooking?  And where did it all begin?  Well, to answer that I need to give you a bit of my own personal history, and take you back to 1993. I was living in London, doing the daily grind.  Holding down an office career:  long hours but great perks, and pretty good pay.  Perfect for some, but not …