Chef Alexei Boldireff

Kathryn Joel Class Information, Our Friends

I met Alexei in September last year, when we both opened kitchens at MacEwan.  Alexei’s the inspiration behind S’Wich Food Truck, and it’s concession here at MacEwan.  And at Get Cooking he’s our Bread Guy, as well as our go to when we need to find a fantastic chef to present a stellar dinner when our own team can’t do it.  He’s a fantastic teacher too, and we’re lucky to have him on our roster here at Get Cooking.  Classes coming soon are his Charcuterie Class on April 26th and Bachelor Cooking Class on April 29th.

Alexei had a first career in Finance, running a financial planning practice.  But he soon found himself spending his free time cooking, and was inspired to change careers after entering and winning a culinary competition for Kraft that landed him a trip for 2 to Italy.  On returning from his trip he enrolled at NAIT and the rest is history.

Alexei completed his 2 year culinary programme at NAIT then followed up with their Butchery programme, all the while working in the trade at the likes of Cafe de Ville, Cafe Select and the Blue Pear.  Upon completing his butchery course he spent 8 months as a butcher for Sobey’s, determined to hone his meat cutting skills, then returned to the kitchen with a job at the Marc before relocating to Calgary to work at Model Milk.