Cook Sous Vide with Chef Eric Hanson

Kathryn Joel Class Information

On Sunday January 25th we’re holding our first ever Sous Vide class, taught by Chef Eric Hanson.  But what is Sous Vide you may be asking?  So we thought we’d better let you know!

Eric suggests you picture a steak –  any steak you’ve ever had – you cut into and how does it look? The meat goes from overcooked and dry on the outside, to happy and delicious in the middle.  And we’re all satisfied with that. But Eric is  going to show us that there is another way, and it’s a really easy way at that. Sous Vide! Literally translated from Sous Vide EggsFrench, it means under pressure – so cooking under pressure. And why is that better you might ask. Well, when you’re cooking the traditional way you get a nice char on the outside of the meat. It’s delicious, but it also overcooks the meat. With Sous Vide, you heat a pot of water to the perfect temperature you want the inside of the meat to be then what you achieve is an even “doneness” throughout the entire piece of meat. Instead of just the inside being that delicious juicy bit, the whole thing is going to be cooked to perfection. Then to finish you’re going to quickly sear your meat in a pan so you still achieve that charred texture – and flavour.

So what equipment do you need to be able to Sous Vide at home?  Eric’s going to show you how to use just ziplock bags and a pot of water – all you’ll need to buy is a $5 thermometer.  But if you get the bug, and want to invest in gadgets, we’d suggest a Circulator and a Food Saver to take it to the next step.  You can get a great Circulator from Anova Culinary starting at $185 – we’ll be working with these too.

And finally, what will we be cooking during our Sous Vide class, apart from (of course) that perfect steak? Eric has devised a menu to introduce you to a full spectrum of ingredients, and will send you home with a Time & Temperature Guide to discover  even more on your own.  For your canapé, we’ll be making Pate.  So often pates are granular and dry.  But cooked Sous Vide we can make a Chicken Liver Pate bursting with flavour and with the texture of butter.  Then Eric will show you how to poach an egg, to perfection, as well as how to prepare salmon fillet so that it’s pink and juicy, never overdone and dry.  And for dessert we’ll be tempering chocolate, Sous Vide. So easy – and so good. You’ll get to dip strawberries in our tempered chocolate but better still you’ll each get to make your own Rochers.

Tempted? You should be. You’ll be learning a technique used in many of the best restaurants around the world. And you’ll discover how easy it is. Sous Vide demystified! We hope to see you there.
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