Let’s have some Effing Seafood – with Effing Rob

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Rob Tryon knows how to command attention. I haven’t even met him in person yet, but I know who he is. He recently blazed onto Edmonton’s culinary scene, cheeky nickname blazed across social media platforms for all to see. He’s a B.C. boy originally, and has made it his mission to bring quality seafood to our palpably land-locked city. He isn’t the first expatriate mariner to bring fish and crustaceans to our landfood-heavy borough –Effing Rob we at Get Cooking are proud to use Icelandic fish from Ocean Odyssey Inland – but honestly, one cannot have enough good quality fish.

Needless to say, we are pretty chuffed to be collaborating with Rob on some upcoming events, including our Christmas Punch Class on Thursday December 17th with our effervescent in-house bartender Joshua “Happy” Byrne. We’re all going to get in the holiday spirit; Happy will teach us to make some punches to wow your guests at whatever soiree you might happen to be hosting (it’s so much more than cranberry juice and ginger ale in a bowl, right?) while Rob will show off his Effing seafood. If you are wondering, as I did, how he got his nickname, it’s actually the shortened monicker for Effington Bay (out on the west coast), and not of a far different word that I will refrain from using here.

Holiday parties call for fancy things, so together with Chef David Leeder, Effing Rob will be serving up a selection of BC oysters  and some albacore tuna on Punch Night, and Get Cooking’s founder Kathryn is going to whip us up some blinis (very decadent little Russian pancakes that don’t appear often enough out here) and top them with Rob’s Acadian Sturgeon Caviar. We have a few spaces left, so get ’em before they get away like a fish through a seine net. Effing Rob’s popping in on our upcoming Date Night class, on December 18th, to show off his Effing Oysters and Scallops, too. We’ll see him again soon in the new year, so we can all get our fill of delicious Effing seafood.