Winemaker’s Dinner with Andreas Bender February 6th

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New in 2015, I am delighted to introduce a series of Winemakers’ Dinners in partnership with Eberhard Tamm of Enotri Wines. A successful import agent, export director, and marketing manager, Eberhard has developed an intimate knowledge of his winemakers and their wines. And we are honoured to be sharing our studio with Eberhard and his winemaker colleagues for this special series over the coming months.

Kulina Gewurtztraminer

r Kulina Gewurtztraminer

We’re launching our Enotri Wines Winemakers’ Series on February 6th, with a unique tasting featuring wines from Vignobles Dubard, France and Andreas Bender, Germany. We are pleased to welcome Andreas Bender as a special guest on the night. Together with Eberhard he will lead us through the tasting, showing that wines from Germany and France can work extremely well together in creating an unforgettable wine and food experience.

And we are very lucky to have Edmonton’s own Chef David Leeder creating our menu for the night.  David has just returned from a 5-month stint at Noma, in Copenhagen, and we’re thrilled to have him cooking for some of our special events and classes at Get Cooking in 2015.

David Leeder

David Leeder

If you don’t know of Andreas Bender’s wines, well here’s a little background information.  Bender, who has been making his wines in both Mosel and in the Pfalz,  is a young winemaker who displays an unerring capacity to create a compelling balance of fruit and acidity. Indeed German Chancellor Angela Merkel pours Bender’s wines at her table when she wants to show her international guests the superb quality German artisanal producers can offer. In his work philosophy Bender combines high quality, a sense of good soils and premium grapes, gentle cellar work, old vineyard crafts and new, modern “wine-thinking.”

And Vignobles Dubard brings together four dynamic family-owned wineries located on the right bank of the river Dordogne in the South West of France: Château Laulerie, Château Les Farcies du Pech’, La Croix Romane and Château Nardou. These are vineyards steeped in history, dating back to Roman times.

David’s menu has been designed to complement the wines of both houses.  And Eberhard has chosen to pour one white and one red wine with each course.  We have tasted the wines and chosen the dishes accordingly.  We don’t want to give it all away, but just to whet your appetite with the very bare bones of a truly complex and exciting menu,  David is contemplating serving a menu of: Hay Smoked Foie Gras; Poached Cod accompanied by a combination of Cauliflower, Brown Butter, Meyer Lemon and Lardo; Duck with a Perigueux Sauce; Beef with Caramelized Pomme Puree; and a Jerusalem Artichoke Sorbet and Apple Granite.  And we’ll be serving an Aperitif with an accompanying Umame Board to start the night off right.

We do hope that you will join us for this very special Winemaker Event, you can book your tickets here.