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December 4, 2021


Kathryn Joel

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Knife Skills

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Lasagne alla Bolognese


December 4, 2021 2:30 PM

Lasagna is an all-time classic, and a favourite party pleaser. But so often the result of your hard work in the kitchen is disappointing. Join Kathryn's virtual cooking class on how to make Bologna's beloved version of this Italian staple and we promise results that will wow your family and friends, and never underwhelm. You'll learn to make your own fresh pasta sheets that you'll blanche and layer with our homemade 3-meat ragu and béchamel sauce, following the Bolognese style. We'll take a break while your Lasagna cooks then reconvene to toss together a fresh and delicious Italian Green Salad to serve on the side.



December 7, 2021 6:00 PM

A beloved French Canadian Christmas Eve staple, Tourtière is a winter comfort food classic. Join Aditya Raghavan to learn our recipe for this seasonal fave, of aromatically spiced pork and beef wrapped up in a Shortcrust Pastry crust. You'll start your class making pastry, and while it rests you'll make your meat filling. Then once your Tourtière is in the oven, Addie will teach you how to make your own Fruit Ketchup, using Saskatoon Berries, Rhubarb, or your fruit of choice.

Chicken Cacciatore


December 14, 2021 6:00 PM

If you love Italian cooking, and crave new recipes for classic comfort foods, join Kathryn Joel for her newest class on Chicken Cacciatore (hunter style). You'll start your class learning how to break down a whole chicken, or you can use pre-portioned pieces if you prefer. Then you'll braise your chicken in tomatoes and wine with peppers, mushrooms and herbs. While your Cacciatore is braising, you'll make a delicious appie of White Beans with Fried Sage, served on Crostini. Plus you'll learn to prepare Polenta to serve with your Cacciatore.

Virtual Cooking Illustration by Paulina Van Vliet

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