Join Kathryn for a mouth-watering culinary tour of exotic Morocco, and delight your palate as you eat your way across this extraordinary country, from ancient medinas to rural mountain villages.

This unique travel experience is ideal for anyone keen to connect with locals while learning the fundamentals of traditional Moroccan cuisine. With its varied scenery, Morocco is a feast for all the senses. The mountains, desert and coast form a unique and colourful landscape while the medieval medinas, punctuated with souks, are full of colours and aromas. Moroccan cuisine is considered one of the tastiest due to its incredible diversity of influences which are marked by the medley of spices found in its dishes including fantastic combinations of vegetables and spices, and, of course, couscous. Discover the enchanting cities of Morocco, venture into rose-coloured kasbahs, and sip tea with Berber families in their mountain villages.

Experience the richness of Moroccan culture and don’t miss out on this amazing travel opportunity!

April 1st to 12th, 2022



  • Travelling with Kathryn Joel
  • Participating in cooking classes and learning to prepare traditional Moroccan dishes
  • Shopping for ingredients and spices in bustling markets and souks
  • Exploring incredible Moroccan towns including Chefchaoen (the Blue City), Fes and Essaouira
  • Spending time connecting with local artisans and families
  • Learning about the different cultures and landscapes of Morocco


"I just wanted to thank you for your class in December that I attended – “Cook Christmas the British Way”.

I came with my co-worker Reina and we both enjoyed it so much. I think it was the highlight of our Christmas.

Thank you for being so friendly and welcoming.

I appreciated how you explained each ingredient and its origins throughout your cooking. Knowing the reasons for each action really helped me to understand why things were being done – and helped me to retain it later! Your demonstrations and menu choices were ones that I felt I could actually try at home, which was fantastic. Thank you also for allowing the option of participation – it was nice to be able to pick and choose what we felt comfortable doing, instead of being thrown into something we were completely unfamiliar with!

I can’t even imagine how exhausting it must be to cook, direct and keep up a rapport for 7 hours straight but you did it so naturally and with amazing skill.

Thank you again for the wonderful day. I look forward to more classes in your new location!"

Gillian Bennett