Get Cooking’s First Class, and What I Learned!

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First Cooking Class

Get Cooking got started on Sunday afternoon with an Introductory Class on Italian cuisine.  It was a learning experience for my students …. and for me!   What was planned as a 3-hour class stretched into 4 as my class of 9 students lingered over a 4-course Italian feast.  Some of the students got cooking, while others sat back with a glass of wine from Vines of Riverbend, happy to watch … and  to taste.

What I learned from my first class was that 9 students in my kitchen is a perfect size group for a Chef’s Table style demo, but not really ideal for getting my guests involved in the actual cooking in a meaningful way:  for a real hands-on experience, there just isn’t the space.

So as I continue to develop my lesson plans, I’ll be focusing on offering more Masterclasses, focused on specific recipe types and skills.   Masterclasses will be just right for groups of 4, working individually, or in pairs:  we’ll cover less ground, but you’ll get cooking everything that you see!

And for those of you who want to sit back with that glass of wine and enjoy a sumptuous meal as you watch and learn, I’ll be offering lots of demo style classes too:  you’ll get involved as much – or as little – as you choose!  I’ll show you techniques and skills as I go, and encourage you to try them out too – but you’ll be here to relax, to meet some new friends, to eat some delicious food …..  treat it like a good night out, but you’ll be learning to make the dishes you’re enjoying too!

Sunday was a lot of fun.  It was a casual, convivial gathering of fantastic people, filled with foodie insights and advice.   Some people cooked.  Others were content to ask questions and to watch.  And everyone was eager to know more about Edmonton’s fantastic producers and where to buy their food.  We’re so lucky to live in a city where we can get to know some of the amazing individuals who produce the food that we eat.  They’re right there, at our farmers’ markets, for us to meet!

See more images from my first class. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

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