Scheduled Classes Going Online Later This Week!

Kathryn Joel News

This past Sunday I taught my fourth, and final, Get Cooking Pilot Class.  And I’m aching to get under way with Get Cooking’s first scheduled classes:  they’re launching in May!

Chopping Leeks at Get CookingThis is partly because the test classes were just so much fun.  But also because I absolutely love to cook.  And to share food with family and friends, around my table, in my home.  And now I’m getting to extend that experience to a much wider audience, but still around my table, and in my home.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Over the past four weeks 30 fantastic volunteers have made their way to Get Cooking, to watch and to eat, to cook and to learn.  A few were friends and neighbours, some others were friends of friends. And quite a few were followers of Live Local, whose electronic Enjoying a Class at Get Cookingnewsletter helped spread the word.   All came with enthusiasm and good will, and an appetite too!  And they all took the time to complete a lengthy questionnaire, because their feedback will help Get Cooking take shape as the introductory pilot classes come to an end.

Over the next week I’ll be revisiting my list of Classes, and clearly differentiating between my themed Demonstration Classes, and my smaller hands-on Master Classes, that will focus on specific skills.  But as an over-riding theme, Get Cooking classes will continue to focus on global flavours, and local foods!

Over the four weeks we’ve cooked Italian, French and Moroccan foods.  They’re some of my favourite cuisines:  but there’s a whole world of flavours still to explore.  And I hope you’ll come join me as I journey through some of the great cuisines of the world!

Cook VegetarianFor the vegetarians and vegans amongst you, I’ll be posting a brand new category of offerings.  Last Sunday’s class focused on Vegan, Italian Style … from the foods of the Mediterranean basin, through the Americas, South-East Asia and all the way to India and beyond, there are so many amazing vegetarian dishes for us to discover and enjoy.

So watch this space:  I’ll be posting Get Cooking’s class schedule online by the end of the week!

And leave me some comments, because as I get planning I’d like to take your ideas on board too…..