It’s an Oyster Extravaganza at Get Cooking

Kathryn Joel Uncategorized

We are big on collaborative projects at Get Cooking, as you’ve doubtless gathered. We especially value building working relationships with those who share our enthusiasm for quality food, whether it is grown, baked, cured, fished or farmed. We first started working with Rob Tryon of Effing Seafoods, are were immediately impressed by his knowledge, dedication and unapologetic enthusiasm for what he does. We have featured his Effing Oysters at our brunches, our kitchen parties, and the most recent Food Fight.

We were tossing around class ideas one afternoon with our regular guest chef Chris Tom-Kee, and it dawned on us that there are so many ways of cooking with oysters. Why don’t we do an oyster class and bring in Rob? Chris and Kathryn immediately rattled off a myriad of ways to cook these scrumptious shellfish. We will start with popping some raw ‘sters, of course, but we will make a passionfruit mignionette from scratch. We will deep-fry some of those babies and make a traditional New Orleans sandwich, the Po’Boy. Inexplicable, there aren’t many places one can buy a Po’Boy in Edmonton, but we will whip up our own version here. We will bake some. Heck, we might even smoke some, since we have a hand-held smoker.

Rob has oodles of anecdotes, videos, and stories from his time at sea, off the west coast, so be sure to join us for Oyster Extravaganza on March 31 from 6-10 pm. Tickets are $95 plus gratuity and GST.