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January 5, 2022


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Lentil Spinach Curry


January 5, 2022 6:00 PM

Join our Indian food expert Aditya Raghavan and learn to make his Mum's recipe for Lentil Spinach Curry. This traditional, homestyle curry of yellow mung beans and spinach is a food memory from Addie's childhood, and also showcases how a busy weekday meal can be made delicious, and full of nutrition. Together with Addie you'll stew the spinach and cook a side dish of stir-fried green beans. Your curry can be served with rice, or your choice of starch (think brown rice, quinoa, etc). Addie will also teach you how to make fresh ghee (clarified butter), an essential flourish to this humble meal.

Japanese Katsu Curry


March 24, 2022 6:00 PM

Join Mai Nguyen for her online cooking class on how to make Japanese Katsu Curry. Mai will walk you through how to make your Katsu curry sauce using a combination of veggies as well as Japanese Curry Cubes. Then she'll combine it with deliciously crisp Panko Crumb breaded Pork Loin, served in a perfectly presented bowl with Rice and a Shaved Cabbage Salad. Mai will be using pork for her Curry, but you can use Chicken Thighs if you prefer.

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